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Hey People.


I'm Zara, I'm 17, and have been blogging on and off for a couple years. 

I started off over on Youtube, and was lucky enough to be spotted by the team at Scholastic, who effectively kick started my blogging 'career'. Since then I've gained several other contacts with other Publishers, authors and peer bloggers. It's incredible to be a part of such a welcoming and warm community always looking for new ways to renovate the way we discuss issues relevant to us.

So what began this venture was my steadfast, insatiable love for reading. I started with the desire to become a part of a discussion- I don't think I really anticipated the possibility of an audience. But now, a couple of years on, and I'm still finding my feet as a Blogger. It's an innovative, fresh role that I love, and will always be keen to pursue and adapt to changes in myself and to fit with the constant shape shifting of Reading as a concept. 

I'd like to clarify, that although I do review for several companies, and on occasion receive proof copies or ARCs, my primary reason for blogging remains to be the enjoyment and excitement- anything else is just a very gracious bonus.

T H E  P E R S O N  B E H I N D  T H E  B L O G

I'm a Sixth Form student- English Language, English Literature & Psychology.
I'm also lucky enough to be a Bookseller. I'm a Senior at my local Waterstones, and absolutely adore my job.
I'm also a writer- of poetry, prose, blogs, and anything else that spills from the ink of my pen.
I obsess over stationary, music and art. 

My goal is to acheive a Masters Degree in English & Creative Writing, and perhaps one day see my own book on the shelves.

M Y  R E A D I N G  J O U R N E Y

I'll be the first to admit my reading lacks consistency. I can't champion a particular genre, or choose my favourite books very easily. I like to think that my reading is malleable, open, and connected. I adore to explore the written word without the limits of individual boxes. Simply, I read what I wish to read, and am proud of my own decisions to do so.


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