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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

This year has been relentless. It's flown by at peak speed and refused to slow down for anyone of us. And the last couple months feel like no longer than a blink of an eye. 

New content on the site has admittedly been dwindling- so I thought I'd give you guys a short and sweet update on the break neck speed of my 2016 life.

So this year I was 17. I also finished my first year at Sixth Form, will soon be beginning my last, and will then be moving away from the School I've attended for seven whole years of my life. I've been experiencing Open Days, the plight of University Application and the sense of commitment I will suddenly feel hit me in the fast approaching months ahead. Somehow, this has all come from nowhere. This academic year has astounded me with it's sheer speed. And now that it's over, the reality of it had come all too soon.

At the end of June I attended a Residential in Cambridge, a five day Creative Writing Course. During my stay, I was suddenly hit by the intensive gap I felt from the lack of reading and writing for pleasure I've been feeling. 

Suddenly extensive plot ideas have billowed up in thick smoke, and I'm surrounded by the endless possibilities of narrative creation. Poetry has been writing itself as I go through normal days, forcing itself to be heard upon the page. This craving has overwhelmed me, and I'm finding it increasingly difficult to let it go. 

Upon deeper consideration, I decided that I don't have to. Instead, I can combine my two loves- and bring my refreshed excitement for writing into preparing content like I've never posted before, on here, for you all to see.

The primary focus of this website will always continue to be about the written word.
But perhaps now 
it may not just be commentary on that written by another-
but perhaps even some crafted by me.

02/08/17 -Zara.

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  1. Yeah, the preparation of going to university and graduating can really take a lot of time. What are you majoring in university?
    And, you mean you'll going to post more poetries?