BLOG TOUR: ARC Review; The Museum of Heartbreak// Meg Leder

Friday, 3 June 2016

'Welcome to The Museum of Heartbreak.'


Penelope is sixteen and has never been in love. So when handsome, charming Keats sweeps her off her feet. she cant's believe her luck.

But then comes the gut-wrenching, soul-destroying realisation that happy endings don't always last forever. Suffering from a broken heart, Penelope creates the Museum of Heartbreak, a collection of objects documenting the elation and devastation of first love, friendship and growing up.

Sometimes letting go of the past is the only way to find your future.


First things first- can we PLEASE talk about how insanely beautiful this cover is?
The typography along with the colour scheme and the cityscape backdrop makes an incredibly pleasing book that is legit dripping in my aesthetic goals. Obviously we all know that the cover is certainly not the priority- but we can't deny that a hot looking book definitely turns some heads, and I'm sure this one will get a lot of attention. (Hello Instagram, the most beautiful book of the year has just dropped..) 

To coincide with the beauty of the book, inside, for the start of each chapter is a quirky little doodle of one of the 'exhibits' in Pen's Museum of Heartbreak. As a ridiculously sentimental person myself, the concept of the book being hung on the idea of these special, cherished objects really appealed to me. It's a fresh innovative way to create character depth and ask yourself your own questions too- what would you catalogue in your own Museum?

One thing Meg writes really well is humour. Somehow she managed to weave actually funny components into her story alongside the 'sadder' parts, realistically depicting the ups and downs of teen life in a way that feels 'real'. 

Another thing I picked up on was the entertaining and eclectic cast. Too many times I've took a nosedive into a YA, only to find the same old, worn out and recycled characters lurking between the pages. Yet the clever mix of family life, friendship, school & romantic adventures allows us to meet a whole array of people and really engage in Pen's life. 

Pen is really likeable too. The majority of the time my feelings for the protagonist is just 'meh' but, this time, I found myself rooting for her. I think in a way, I kind of formed a connection and related to her- which meant I enjoyed the time I spent in her head so much more than other characters I've read.

Along with a superb cast, gorgeous design work, cosy writing and fab characters, Pen's museum takes us to a wide array of different settings. Sometimes I find myself getting bored of books constantly in the same place, but Meg genuinely takes you on a journey, leaving each chapter as fresh as the next.

TMOH feels cosy. It's one of those reads that kind of feels like a hug. It was comforting and warm and real and it deserves to be a huge hit in the YA community.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time visiting The Museum of Heartbreak, and I hope Meg has some new exhibitions to showcase in the future.

4/5 Stars

To see more of The Museum, follow the last couple days of the blog tour!

happy reading xox

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