Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Johnny Smith is a fantastic new children’s author but is already well known and respected as an experienced animation and live action screenwriter. He has sold numerous original feature film scripts, including Disney's box office hit GNOMEO & JULIET.

Watch the following video for a MINI review of Johnny's new books from theMINIbook-addict, with an exciting announcement!

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I had the honour to interview Johnny about the 'John Smith is NOT Boring!' series:

Q: This is your first venture into the world of Children's Fiction. What made you want to write for children?

A: Hi Book-Addict (great name!). You're right, the JOHN SMITH books are my first children's books, but I've written lots of animation screenplays, including the original GNOMEO & JULIET, so deep down I've always been 100% childish at heart.


Q: Most writer's of Children's Fiction also read as a child themselves. What was your favourite childhood book?

A: I'm going to be very honest with you here. I read comics as a child, the Beano and the Dandy. I loved the characters- Rodger the Dodger, The Bash Street Kids, Dennis the Menace. I love how naughty they were and how they were ALWAYS trying to get one up on their Mum or Dad or teacher.  When I was older, I was lucky enough to write for Dennis the Menace for BBC television- that was really special.


Q: John Smith is NOT boring! marks your transition from screenwriting to writing fiction books for children. Is there any similarities between writing for films and for books?

A: Hmmm...what a good question...thinks...thinks. If you're writing a screenplay or a book you still have to come up with a cracking story, irresistible characters, lots of plot twists and turns and plenty of laughs. (Only if it's meant
to be funny...)

Q: Are there any parallels between you, Johnny Smith the author and John Smith, the character? 

A: Oh now let me see. Apart from the fact that I am also a dashing, courageous hero battling wicked pirates at the drop of a Tricorn hat- I think the John Smith in the books indulges in his imagination quite a lot and I think I do that too. We're both  mad keen on adventures: John's are real and mine happen in my head.

Q: Laura Ellen Anderson's illustrations bring your books to life in a very quirky and lively way. Why did you choose to collaborate with Laura?

 A: From the moment I saw her first ever drawing of John- holding up a Knight's sword with a cheeky grin, I knew she was going to
be fantastic. Laura brings amazing energy, great humour and brilliant characters to the page. I couldn't be happier.

Q: All John wants it to prove that he's not boring. What did you want most as a child?

A: I wanted to get even with my big sister for sticking chewing gum in my hair and drive my uncle's super fast sports-car around town  even though I was only 7. And I definitely wanted to get picked first for the football team (I wasn't even picked last- they'd rather play one short!) Apart from that it was the usual stuff- be the first boy on the moon, save the town from time travelling dinosaurs, go  Ice Skating with the Abominable Snowman!

Q: John is very adventurous. What was your biggest adventure when you were his age?

A: It had to be the Battle of The Gardens! Each summer my parents let me pitch a tent and sleep in it with a couple pals. On one occasion the mean boys from five gardens down had exactly the same idea. I can still remember the battle on one VERY early August morning- lots of mud missiles and vegetable bombs an occasional daring raids over fences to dislodge the enemy's tent skewers! We called a truce when our enemy stole our tent pole and the roof fell in on our heads. When the grownups waked up hours later, they were none of the wiser- even though the garden looked like a battlefield!

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  1. Biggest adventure?? Hmmmm I would say moving into my first ever house without my parents ... It was scary and the start of an awesome adventure.