ARC Review: The Haunting of Sunshine Girl

Friday, 27 February 2015

ARC Review: The Haunting of Sunshine Girl

Author: Paige Mckenzie & Alyssa B. Sheinmel
Genre: YA, Horror, Paranormal
Binding/Pages: Hardback, 304
Release Date: 24th March 2015
Publisher: Weinstein Books

'Meet Sunshine, an adorkable  sixteen-year old girl who lives in a haunted house.'

Goodreads Summary: 

Based on the wildly popular YouTube channel, The Haunting of Sunshine Girl has been described as Gilmore Girls meets Paranormal Activity for the new media age.” YA fans new and old will learn the secrets behind Sunshine—the adorkable girl living in a haunted house—a story that is much bigger, and runs much deeper, than even the most devoted viewer can imagine…

My Review:

Before I picked it up, The Haunting of Sunshine Girl seemed like a quick and fun yet perhaps maybe cliché read. I thought I'd like it, but I didn't expect to love it. 
Having never seen the YouTube web series, I was pretty blind- I had no idea what the book would be about, other than the fact it involved a quirky teen with ghostly housemates.
The book opens with Sunshine and her mother, Katherine, moving home from Austin, Texas, to Ridgemont, Washington not long after her sixteenth birthday. For  Katherine, it's almost an adventure, a new job, a new house. But sunshine has a gut feeling that everything isn't quite right.
Needless to say, I honestly expected a cheesy YA horror, with the odd elements of forced creepiness.
I'm not afraid to admit I was far from wrong.
I completely wasn't expecting the book to go the way it did. I thought I knew what was going to happen; it certainly threw me off.
I was pleasantly surprised to find that the book was genuinely creepy. I've read quite a few horror novels, but I honestly felt quite scared whilst reading this. The atmosphere was so eerie, and the ghostly happenings felt so raw, the obvious interactions with the paranormal were avoided. Instead McKenzie and Sheinmel explored different avenues,leaving the story feeling fresh and therefore more believable. It didn't feel like your typical teen horror
Throughout, it flowed perfectly. Paranormal and contemporary were mixed flawlessly. I really felt as if the hauntings were real, and Sunshine was a real girl struggling to cope. Sunshine's reactions and actions felt normal. We've all read a horror novel in which the protagonist does something stupid that would only a fictional character would do, right? Well, this isn't one of those. Sunshine acted like a real human being. Above all, I could feel her fear. It felt so real.
I adored Sunshine as a character, but Noah stole my heart. The friendship between the afore mentioned characters really balanced out the story, and left it from just being a bland run of the mill horror.
my opinion, though, I felt as though the last five or so chapters were rushed. The conclusion came way to quick...I would have liked more time for the story to develop instead of everything getting resolved so fast, it didn't feel realistic.
Overall, it's a delicious mix of super cute and eerie, and to me, that makes a perfect paranormal read!
Fantastic fast paced, spine tingling horror. Would definitely recommend this to any fans of YA Horror.
I can't wait for the sequel.
4/5 Stars

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