ARC Review: 7 Days

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

ARC Review: 7 Days

Author: Eve Ainsworth
Genre: YA, Contemporary, YA Contemporary
Binding/Pages: Paperback, 249
Release Date: 5th Feburary 2015 OUT NOW!
Publisher: Scholastic
'One Bully. One Target. Seven Days.'


Goodreads Summary:


This bold, compelling and topical story about bullying is told from the perspective of the bully and the bullied. You won't be able put it down until you've reached the conclusion. Jess's life is difficult enough without Kez picking on her – it’s turning school from a safe place into a nightmare. Kez has plenty of problems too but she finds comfort in knowing she is better off than Jess - or so she thinks. A hard-hitting and even-handed look at bullying and the issues facing teenagers today.

My Review:


When Eve was speaking about her book at the Scholastic Bloggers Book Feast, it was blatantly obvious how passionate she is about the subject of bullying and victimisation. Eve works in child protection, at a secondary school. When listening to her, I could feel how much her job and experiences have altered her as a person, and may have become her inspiration for 7 Days.

I think I would be correct in saying 7 Days is very much close to Eve's heart.

In the back of the book, it says:

 '7 Days developed from the idea that every story has two sides. Bullies can also be victims.'

This theme is prominent throughout the entire book.

The narrative is divided into two perspectives.
Narrative one is Jess, an 'overweight and awkward' teen who is the obvious target for bullies. Narrative two is Kez, the 'beautiful and popular' girl 'who doesn't care who she hurts.'

Each chapter tells the events of one day. The book starts on Monday morning and finishes on Sunday evening. Effectively, we get to live a week in the life of both Jess and Kez.

The dual perspective opened up a lot of doors to the story than it would if it was just told in a traditional single narrative. We get to delve beneath the surface of both characters and discover who they are as individuals,as they too figure out their own identities.

I loved seeing beneath the skin of Jess and Kez, and seeing how their preconceptions regarding eachother contrasted with the reality.

As the week passes, we get to see how the events have changed the characters, how their conscience responds to what is happening around them and actions begin to have consequences.

I appreciate how we don't just see Jess as a weakling, or Kez as a monster.
We see them both as human beings. Humans with flaws, and issues of their own that onlookers might glaze over.
Eve has taken the time to give both characters depth, and chapter by chapter we see each layer unpeel.

This book really portrays how society today can make presumptions, and stick to them, and how our prejudices can really harm us all.
7 Days deals with a  really topical issue with such care.
Eve has miraculously found a way to portray such serious topics in an accessible and uncondescending manner. 7 Days is a very important book to read-It is hard hitting and raw, very relevant to our time.

4.5/5 Stars.

*7 Days also deals with other sensitive topics such as domestic abuse, single parent families, mild poverty, peer pressure and on one occasion, self harm.  Although Eve handles all of these subjects delicately and with care,please bare this in mind if you think you will be offended by any of these topics.*





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